Family Learning

Homework at Bygrove Primary School has been redesigned; it’s called ‘Family Learning’ & it follows a set of clear principles that we hold dear. We want it to:

  • Be exciting & engaging, broad & balanced
  • Widen the life experiences of our young people
  • Be centred around the family
  • Offer children the opportunity to go as far or as deeply as they choose
  • Be celebrated & to cement positive relationships at home & at school
  • Link to our wonderful curriculum

So how does Family Learning work? Well, it looks like this …

  • It’s given out at the beginning of each term
  • On it, there are a mixture of activities – some simple; some more ambitious, there are suggestions for trips & there’s talking tasks
  • Children & families can choose which activities they would like to get stuck into & in what order
  • It’s shared on our website & on the Google Classroom – or you could have a hard copy if you prefer
  • There’s some maths & English to do on one side – they’re very important for everyone. And we make no apologies for the fact that reading is a non-negotiable – every day for at least 20 minutes!
  • We celebrate children’s outcomes in assemblies & sometimes even on our website or on Twitter

And it’s as easy as that. What are you going to choose to have a go at today?