We serve hot meals at lunchtime every day with meat, fish & vegetable options. All food is halal. A choice of salads and fresh fruit is always available.

Please find the current lunch menu below:

If you are receiving Income Support, your child is entitled to a free school meal.

To find out whether your child qualifies for free school meals (and additional funding for the school) – you can now check online here.

Free School Meals Application – paper copy of claim forms are available from our school office, One Stop Shops or by telephoning the benefits service on 020 7364 5000

Pupils may bring a packed lunch to eat in school. This must be suitable for a growing child. Sweets and chocolate are not appropriate. Drinking water is provided for all pupils at the table.

Packed Lunches should include:

A sandwich or bread roll with low-fat sandwich fillings, such as lean meats, including turkey, fish (such as tuna or salmon), cottage cheese, edam, mozzarella or sliced banana.  Always try to add a little salad to the sandwich or roll.

Some fruit or vegetables, e.g. banana, apple, pear, dried fruit, cherry tomato, raw carrot, cucumber wedge etc.

A low-fat cheese, a low-fat yogurt (preferably sugar-free) or low-fat rice pudding to ensure that your child gets enough calcium.

A bottle of water for your child to drink. No cordial drinks.

Packed lunches should not include:



Sugary drinks

The school provides a suitable storage area for packed lunch boxes.

All waste and uneaten food is returned in the lunch box so that parents know what has been eaten.

We also provide free fruit for all pupils to eat at playtime in the morning & throughout the day in the foundation stage. There are also bagel bites available in class each morning.