At Bygrove we find it unhelpful to think of inclusion in terms of the few. Nor is it just about the many. Inclusion is about belonging and as such involves everyone, every single one.  Pupils, staff, parents & governors feel like Bygrove is their school, like they belong here & that’s why we’re successful.

We encourage and support everyone in our school community – visitors, partners and friends of the school to take an active part in school life.  We are committed to helping our pupils overcome any barriers to learning that they may have and have a member of staff designated to organising support for pupils with learning difficulties. The school building is fully accessible for pupils with physical disabilities.  If pupils are having problems managing their behaviour they have access to a wide range of support in school.

We believe strongly in equality and provide help in classes for pupils who are learning English as an additional language.  Parents are encouraged to participate in every aspect of school life and are encouraged as learners through workshops and other learning opportunities we provide for them.

Have a look at the Tower Hamlets Local Offer on the link below: 

Inclusion Quality Mark Award 2021

Bygrove was assessed as a Flagship School for Inclusion:

“‘No One is Left Behind’ continues to be a powerful message that succinctly defines the ethos of Bygrove Primary School.”

“Summarising the achievements of a school that serves its pupils, and their families so well is a challenge. The Academy Trust is to be commended for the way it has allowed its schools to retain their autonomy, maintaining their individual identities. There is no doubt that the influence of leadership within the trust is a compelling force. Visiting Bygrove Primary, albeit virtually for the second time, has been such an encouraging experience at a time of national anxiety. In the words of the Qualified Teacher for the Deaf, “visiting the school is a joyous thing.”