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Bygrove Primary School
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What Ofsted & others say

So what does Ofsted say?

  Bygrove Primary School - Ofsted report (2012)

In our most recent Ofsted Inspection in January 2012, Bygrove was judged ‘Outstanding’ in all the 4 areas of Achievement, Quality of Teaching, Behaviour & Safety and Leadership & Management. Overall Effectiveness was therefore ‘Outstanding’.

Here’s just some of what the inspectors had to say:

‘This school provides an outstanding education for its pupils. It is an exceptional school which has made great gains in raising pupils’ attainment and accelerating progress. Pupils achieve exceptionally well and by the end of Key Stage 2, their attainment is above average.’

‘A relentless focus on teaching sounds and letters ensures that by the age of six, nearly all pupils are confident readers.’

‘Teaching is outstanding and makes a significant contribution to pupils’ exceptional rates of progress. Pupils greatly enjoy their learning because the work is stimulating and well matched to their needs.’ 

‘Pupils have a very well-developed understanding of right and wrong, behave impeccably and have a deep appreciation and enjoyment of the wonders of life around them. Pupils’ personal development is excellent because they are encouraged to see their potential and are given the self-confidence to work hard and aim high.’

‘All groups of pupils are cared for exceptionally well. Teachers do their best to ensure that all pupils know how to keep themselves safe in school and in the wider community.’

‘The driving force behind the school’s success is undoubtedly the gifted and dedicated joint headteachers. They lead the school with unflagging enthusiasm and determination and are very well supported by a talented team of senior and middle leaders.’

‘All leaders have high expectations of staff and pupils and share a clear vision for improvement.’

‘Children get off to an excellent start in the Early Years Foundation Stage and make rapid progress from their low starting points. The well-organised learning environment provides children with exciting learning opportunities, allowing them to make choices and develop independence.’ 

‘Highly skilled teaching assistants provide very effective support for disabled pupils and those with special educational needs.’

‘Pupils’ attainment by the end of Year 6 is above average and rising year on year.’

‘By the time pupils reach the age of six, their attainment in reading is well above that expected of their age’ 

‘The quality of teaching, and teachers’ engagement with pupils and their learning, is impressive and all parents and carers spoken to echoed this. Teaching is lively, tasks and concepts are clearly explained, and activities are carefully designed to challenge the pupils to learn at a swift pace.’

‘The school has set up very thorough systems to check on pupils' progress. These are used very well to ensure that no pupil falls behind and enable teachers to set the next steps for each individual pupil’s learning, which they do consistently.’

‘The curriculum is very well thought out so that pupils from all backgrounds can enjoy learning, achieve outstandingly well and gain many skills for their wider personal development.’

‘Classrooms glisten with wonderful displays and computers enhance greatly the quality of learning.’

‘Thoughtful and stimulating assemblies encourage pupils to reflect on many spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.’

‘The behaviour of pupils in lessons and around the school is impeccable.’

'One pupil told inspectors how the attention to her individual needs and the time given by the headteachers and staff to resolve her problems had significantly improved her behaviour. She commented, ‘The school has changed my life.’’

‘The caring ethos of the school is evident in all the school’s actions and interactions between staff and pupils.’

‘There are some exemplary outcomes, as seen in samples of written work, that show the depth of pupils’ feelings movingly expressed.’

‘Pupils relish responsibility and eagerly take advantage of the many opportunities to participate in many local and national events and are very well informed about other people’s needs.’

‘Inspirational leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence are the main reasons why pupils’ achievement has risen sharply over recent years and is now outstanding.’

‘The co-headteachers are widely acclaimed by staff, parents, carers and members of the governing body as having been hugely instrumental in improving the school. They lead the way in driving ambition and have established a shared sense of purpose to raise the aspirations of pupils and teachers alike.’

‘… teamwork is strong, staff morale is high and pupils’ progress is accelerating’

‘The senior team … use their excellent coaching and mentoring skills to offer constructive advice and training and use their highly effective teachers very well to extend and share good practice.’

‘School leaders have ensured that both the curriculum and pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development are outstanding. There is a strong sense of teamwork and pride in what has already been achieved, coupled with a total absence of complacency.’

‘… capacity to improve is outstanding’


How about our School Improvement Partners?

'I would support a grading of 1 (outstanding) for attainment and 1 (outstanding) for progress. The quality of tracking and analysis and relentless pursuit of outstanding outcomes for all pupils is evident from the data.'

(Nina Dohel)


'The school has a comprehensive system for reviewing and analysing feedback and data and the LT is effective in using the resources of the school to address concerns at an early stage. The model of distributive leadership which the head teachers practice enables a whole-school view about priorities and how to maintain improvement.'

'It was obvious that the pupils felt that their voice was very important in the life of the school. They had been involved in key decisions, had financial responsibility and accountability and valued the opportunities they had been given.'

(Evelyn Holdsworth)

What about the press?

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Investors in People GOLD award - July 2019

See article in the East End Advertiser:

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'Meet the married couple who share headship'

The Docklands & East London Advertiser, 18th July 2015

'Healthy recipe booklet by Bygrove Primary children on show at Poplar health centre'

The Guardian, 11th December 2014

'Primary school pupils from poorest backgrounds achieve best-ever results'

Mosaic the power of positive thinking, 11th August 2014

'London primary school pupils celebrate success with graduation ceremonies'

Mail OnlineThe Legacy List, 18th July 2013

'130,000 shortfall in primary school places as migration and birth rates soar'

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What do others say?

Investors In People Report:

Matthew Filbee - Investors in People (2019)

The LETTA Trust was awarded the Gold Award

 “This is a highly collaboration environment; a very rich & uplifting place to visit. The immense commitment to the learning & development of great teachers who go on to be great leaders was displayed by everyone.”

Read our IIP report here.

Also see article in the East End Advertiser:


On 19/07/2016 Bygrove Primary School were awarded Accreditation against the Standard at the Platinum level.

Bygrove results remain very strong with the school achieving 93% combined Reading, Writing and Maths in summer 2016. The school continues to innovate and explore ways of improving.


Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP (15 February 2018)

Your school is in the top 1% of primary schools in England for attainment in mathematics. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism in producing such high standards and congratulations again to you and your staff for all you have achieved.

Read full letter here


(March 2016 - John Yates)

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your school last week. It was a most interesting visit which was immensely worthwhile and very enjoyable.

Through your vision, creativity and hard work you have created a positive climate in which the children and teachers thrive. There was a buzz of energy, engagement and fun in every classroom we visited.

It was evident that the very high expectations you have of the workforce along with a balance of challenge, support and continuous professional development have enabled staff and children to achieve great things.

Overwhelmingly, the impact of your inspirational joint leadership and management of the staff, the children, the parents, the buildings and the environment permeates everything .

It is a great achievement - reminding  us that high quality leadership which combines vision with ambition, underpinned by hard work and determination really does change children’s lives for the better.



(January 2016)

'I have visited a lot of schools, but I have never visited one that made such a big impact, or one from which I have already learned so much. 

I was really impressed by the way everything fitted together. For instance, expectations of behaviour, presentation and commitment were the same for all adults and all children; they all responded with a huge and tangible sense of pride and ownership. This consistency was also evident in the language for learning - not only what the children and teachers said, but in every display and every child's books.  It was amazing'.

(Rachel Carr, Head Teacher - Alexandra Infant School, Kingston-upon-Thames)


'Thank you for your warm welcome.  On the school tour Connie told us that "Everyone loves learning at our school" and that is what we saw; every child and every adult learning and loving it!'

(Ali Gowe - Alexandra Infant School)


'What a beautiful and stimulating learning environment Bygrove offers'

(Louise Wilcox - Cherry Trees Outreach)


'Thanks for the warm welcome.  We are very impressed at what we saw; lovely school, great teachers!'

(Karilyn Emmers & Joyce Snyders - Visiting Teachers from Netherlands)


‘Thank you ever so much for accommodating our visit to your fantastic school this morning.  We came away buzzing with new ideas and feeling like we definitely are moving in the right direction.

A big thanks to all your staff for being so welcoming and happy to have us visit their classrooms and see the pupils' fabulous learning.’

(Rachel Lee, Head Teacher Elmhurst Primary School, Aylesbury - October 2015)


'It was lovely to visit yesterday morning. I wish I could have stayed all day. As well as the assembly, I visited Y1 doing maths and Y5 doing grammar and it was a real pleasure. The consistency of enthusiasm of all the staff and the rigour of the teaching (I'm glad I wasn't being tested on all the grammar points) was outstanding. The behaviour of the children is incredible - their enjoyment of school is infectious.'

(Stuart Poyser - Chair of Governors, 2014)


Please would you say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the children from Dav & myself. Please also thank the wonderful family of teachers you have there. There was not a day that we felt it was a chore, it really didn't feel like work.

Thank you again a million times.

(Johnny & Dav from The Dhol Foundation, workshops 2014)


'Bygrove was amazing with its educational vision and belief in students and staff that permeated the entire business.'
(Lotten Ekelund, Utvecklingsledare, Gothenburg, Sweden)

'... excellent organisation, planning and communication meant that teachers could focus on the job of making sure that the children's learning experiences were of the highest standard.'


(Sue Walsh, Deputy head, Hague Primary School)


'Inspirational, wonderful place of learning. If only school was like this in 1967! Colour, knowledge on walls, floors, headspace, inside and outside.'

'All I can say is WOW! - there is so much good stuff going on here - thank you to all those who are obviously working hard here.'

'The children are very lucky to have this as their school.'

'What an amazing, vibrant and inspirational school.  If only all schools could replicate your environment and teaching.  Fantastic.'

(Various Visitors - Open House Weekend Sept 2013)


'There is such a positive, friendly atmosphere that teaching and being with your pupils is a real pleasure'

(Srivati - Bodhi Tree May 2013)


'A real Inclusive school, I found Inclusion in classrooms, playground, hall and every part of the school.'

(Nitin Dalwadi  - Visitor from India Jan 2013)


'Very impressed with so many aspects of your school; the learning environment (including class names!); the way childrens' rights are so prominent on displays; school values; and pearl of wisdom from a 5 year old 'when something is hard and you think you can't do it, you just have to try your best!'

(Artemi Sakellariadis - Director CSIE Jan 2013)

'I found the pupils a delight to be around and was humbled by the warmth with which you, your staff and pupils greeted me and the other visitors for the event.'

(Lutfur Rahman - Mayor of Tower Hamlets Sept 2013 - Launch of Free School Dinners)


'What wonderful pupils in a wonderful school.  Children's learning is really meaningful.  Yr 6 pupils are very positive about Bygrove - real ambassadors for the school.'

(Sue Hamment - Tribal BSQM Assessor Sept 2013)


'The Headteachers have an intelligent and thoughtful approach to developing distributed leadership throughout the school and fully understand that there are no quick fixes. Their commitment to the sustainability of any CPD work is impressive.'

(Stephanie Mackellar – leadership consultant)


'Helen (KS1 leader) came to visit us today & lead a session on G&T. … She was calm, self-assured, knowledgeable & very approachable. I’ve always had the highest regard for Helen … it’s practically stratospheric now!'

(Brigitte Boylan – GTP training manager, Univ of Cumbria)


“The (PGCE) trainees said that they found the visits really inspiring and that they are excited about drawing the excellent practice they observed into their own teaching.”

“We are really thrilled about how working in partnership in this way can support trainee development so effectively.”

(Sham Patel – PGCE Administrator, Univ of East London, 2011)


“So far the (ABBY) project has been a large success with 50 girls at Bygrove choosing to take part; this is the highest rate compared to any other school. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting these pupils and was rewarded with their warm welcome and openness. .. It would not have been possible without the support that you as headteachers provided.”

(Lauren Houghton – PhD Candidate, Durham University)


“We obtained our highest ever level of consents for children to participate in our research at Bygrove School. The large number of consents presented us with a challenge in testing all the children within the time available, but we were able to achieve this due to the good behaviour and co-operation of the children. During the educational session we were pleased by the general level of enthusiasm for science and we found the class able to grasp relatively complex chemical principles and maintain focused attention for prolonged periods of teaching. The children were also able to ask good logical questions based on what they had been taught. We therefore found our visit to Bygrove School an enjoyable experience and we look forward to re-visiting the school next year as we follow up our research.”

(Dr. Helen E. Wood – Lung Biology Group, King's College London)


“Without you going that extra mile I believe I would now be dreading the year to come but now we are excited that S. will get the support he needs so desperately.”

(parents of a Y6 pupil with a statement)


“I will always remember what you’ve done. Taking the time to help M. was a thoughtful thing for you to do … You’ve been extremely supportive through this difficult time.”

(Loubna – parent)

And our pupils?

Well, they’ve got lots to say – the best bits, pop up on our home page!


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